Auto accidents in northern New Jersey can be traumatic and often involve multiple motor vehicles. When multiple motor vehicles are involved in a collision, the number of potential victims of the car accident increases. When passenger buses are involved in a car accident, the number of possible victims exponentially increases. A two-vehicle accident recently occurred in northern New Jersey that involved a school bus and a commuter bus. Fortunately in this two vehicle accident, the school bus was at the early part of its route to pick up the young children and only had two people in the bus when the accident occurred. Unfortunately, the commuter bus was full of passengers at the time of the collision. The bus collision happened when the commuter bus collided into the school bus. The initial investigation suggests the collision between the two buses occurred when the commuter bus was attempting to change lanes. The collision between the two buses caused the school bus to overturn, injuring both the driver and assistant who were in the school bus. The commuter bus was also severely damaged during the collision. It was reported that 17 people, who were passengers on the commuter bus, were injured during the collision and required medical attention. This two-vehicle collision differs from more traditional car accidents. In more traditional car accidents, which generally involve privately owned vehicles, the driver and/or owner of the vehicles involved in the collision may be liable for any damages caused by an employee who they hired. In this accident, there are several parties involved and an experienced attorney can help ensure an injured party is made whole after the collision. Source: New York Daily News, "School bus, commuter bus crash in New Jersey; at least 17 injured," Jan. 10, 2013 If you have been injured by the negligence of a private entity that offers bus service in New Jersey or on public transportation, our personal injury team is there to help ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.