The television drama "Grey's Anatomy" is popular amongst New Jersey residents. Viewers envelope themselves in the lives of characters like George O'Malley, Arizona Robbins, Callie Torres and Christina Yang. The main character Meredith Grey has been through a lot over the many seasons, which is why viewers waited for the shoe to drop after things seemed to go so well in recent episodes.  That shoe recently dropped or should we say "slipped" in the episode aired early this month. Pregnant Meredith's slip on the steps and fall down the stairs lasted only a few seconds as viewers held their breaths waiting for the worst. The episodes involving the situation were a less dramatic display than one might think of the damage that can result from slip-and-fall accidents.   After the fall on the slick hospital stairs, Meredith had herself and the baby checked out. It appeared as though the situation was only a frightening warning to take it easy with a few bruises and aches for reminders. It wasn't until a later episode that the damage became clear, the fall resulting in bleeding that put her own life in danger. The episode was make-believe, but slip-and-fall accidents like this one occur every day, with similar or even worse damaging results. Slippery steps are a very common cause of accidents in these types of cases. An establishment that puts their employees, patrons or any other invitee at risk for a slip-and-fall may be held liable when one occurs. A civil claim may not be in the future script for Meredith, but this is where real life situations differ significantly. Meredith may rebound in a single episode, but actual accidents involve expensive medical bills, time off from work and other damage that is very real for a victim. Source: The Huffington Post, "'Grey's Anatomy': Is Meredith's Baby In Danger? Will Callie And Arizona Survive The Season?" May 3, 2013