Animal lovers are loath to think of hurting a creature with their cars. Some readers of this New Jersey Motor Vehicle Accident Blog may have even hit the brakes to make sure that a squirrel or duck could get across the street safely. People may want to think twice before stopping for animals unexpectedly, however. A Mays Landing woman's concern for local wildlife ended up causing an auto accident, when she was struck by another vehicle when she stopped to let a turtle cross the road on July 10, 2013. The woman was traveling westbound in a 2001 Mazda on White Horse Pike when she saw the turtle in the road. She stopped so that the turtle could pass safely, and a 2010 Infinity ran into her car from behind. The force of the collision sent her car into the oncoming traffic lane, and she then hit a Ford travelling east. The Ford hit a utility pole and drove through a billboard before coming to a stop on the south side of Route 30. The driver and a passenger in the Infinity went to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The woman driving the Mazda received a citation from police for careless driving. While the woman can be lauded for her concern for animals, the accident shows the dangers of people not following traffic laws and doing unexpected things while driving. Other drivers are taken by surprise and may not have time to react, as was the case in this situation. Violating traffic statutes can also be used to show that a driver was negligent in litigation that results from auto accidents. Drivers would do well to consider what might happen if they stop or swerve for wildlife. Source:, "Turtle Causes Three-Car Accident in Galloway Township," July 16, 2013