A multi-vehicle accident on Route 78 in New Jersey has killed a 24-year-old man from Chatham and left a 35-year-old man from New York in the hospital. According to reports, the truck that the New York man was driving burst into flames and left him with grave injuries. Police reports indicate that the accident happened on Dec. 6 in the township of Union. The wreck happened as the Chatham man was driving an Audi A4 off the Garden State Parkway onto Route 78. Reports suggest that his vehicle moved into the path of the fuel tanker truck driven by the New York man, which struck his car and caused a chain reaction accident that involved a third vehicle. That vehicle a mulch truck driven by a 53-year-old man from North Bergen. The tanker truck had approximately 9,000 gallons of fuel on board, and the accident caused the substance to ignite. Flames soon engulfed both trucks. The driver of the Audi was killed in the wreck, but the driver of the fuel truck managed to push through the broken windshield and escape. He was taken to the hospital and kept there in critical condition. The man driving the mulch truck was taken to the hospital for treatment and later released. An investigation into the accident was ongoing at the time of reporting. Any individual who causes an accident on the roads of New Jersey may be financially responsible for the damages stemming from the incident. An attorney's assistance can be advantageous to those who wish to file a civil suit requiring compensation in a personal injury case because they may be able to represent their client in the courtroom and during any negotiations with the defendant. Source: NJ.com, "WATCH: Truck driver escapes fatal Route 78 crash, fire by crawling out windshield", Jessica Remo, December 09, 2014