Truck accidents that occur on the New Jersey turnpike are common and often responsible for major delays. The problem concerning such accidents is that such trucks are generally many times larger than other vehicles operating upon the same roads and can be a great danger to these other drivers. A recent tractor-trailer accident occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike where the truck carrying coffee beans overturned and subsequently caught fire. Traffic along the turnpike was heading directly into New York City. Truck drivers are often overworked and often suffer from fatigue while driving. Truck drivers often are in a rush to finish a delivery and may face demands to complete too many different deliveries during the same day. Such drivers often work long hours and can be on the road during rush hour or during the middle of the night. Often the vehicles being driven by the truck drivers were not designed to navigate the tight corners that may be presented on our turnpikes or roads. If a truck driver is responsible for an accident, the trucker's employer may possibly be held responsible as well. The same is true if the trucker is working for a contractor or sub-contractor as well. But though such cases can be complicated, attorneys experienced in this area can generally provide injured parties the best legal advice concerning their legal options. Fortunately, only two people received minor injuries in the incident. However, it's not difficult to imagine how such an accident could have resulted in much more severe injuries or fatalities for other individuals in the vicinity. Source: U.S. News, "Truck crash on N.J. Turnpike causes delays," Jan. 11, 2012