What are slip and fall accidents? As the name suggests, somebody sues somebody else after they fall and get hurt. Slip and fall accidents belong to a class of accidents called premises liability accidents. They encompass a wide variety of injuries that occur on another person's property. And that property is usually commercial property. Slip and fall cases can be difficult to prove. To be compensated, must prove that something was wrong with the property, that the owner knew of the condition or should have known, and that they didn't take steps to correct the situation. Not all injuries on another person's property are actionable. Property owners may have various defenses at their disposal in slip and fall cases. One defense is that the owner was not actually negligent. Another is that the injured person was at fault. If you are injured, the first priority is to let owner know about it and get medical attention. Second, you should pay attention to what caused the accident. It is smart to document the dangerous condition that caused the injury with pictures or witnesses. Take pictures of any dangerous condition whenever possible. If the injury took place at a store, ask the employees how the dangerous condition may have come from, or how it came about. A person injured in a slip and fall accident must also show that owner knew of the condition. If possible, get copy of any accident report filled out by the store or property manager. One important thing to keep in mind following a slip and fall accident is that giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster will likely reduce the possibility of legal recovery. Because slip and fall cases require proof of each legal element and overcoming all available defenses, the victim has to be careful about what they admit. Of course, it is wise to consult an attorney to assist in proving one's case. Source: www.fox10tv.com, "What to do legally if you are injured in a slip and fall accident," 26 April 2011.