Motorcycle use is soaring lately. Recent reports show that the use went up 84 percent between just 1998 and 2007. If that trend holds true, it could now be nearing another jump of the same proportions. Clearly, motorcycles are as popular as they have ever been. It's very important to keep this in mind this summer, as many bikes that were stored away for the winter in New Jersey are now back on the roads. While bikers definitely started getting their bikes out back in the spring, the nice weather of the summer really makes it the motorcycle season. However, with more motorcycles comes more accidents and more injuries. These happen often when drivers who have forgotten about motorcycles in the winter then forget to look for them in the summer. In 2013, it was reported that there were an incredible 2.3 million motorcycle injuries on a national basis. On top of that, the risk of a fatality on a motorcycle is massively higher than it is in a car. There are many things that can help reduce the risk. Drivers should double-check for bikes and be attentive. Distracted drivers should get off of the road, pull over, and only drive when they can pay attention. Bikers should take safety courses and they should also have the proper safety gear while they ride. Even with all of these things, though, there is still an inherent danger to riding that can't be ignored. If you'd like to find out more about these accidents and what legal options you have if you've been involved in one, please visit our page now.