One of the things that makes sexual harassment cases so tricky in New Jersey is that there is just such a wide range of activities that can fall into this category. Some may seem so extreme that people are shocked to hear that they occurred, while others seem so minor that they go unreported every year because employees just don't realize that they're being harassed and that they can take legal action. Either way, it's important to know what you can do. For example, some employees have been told by their supervisors or bosses to engage in behavior that is inappropriate. If they refused to do it, they have been fired or threatened with it. This is serious harassment that is often surprising to those who find out about it when it's brought to light. On the other hand, some employees are harassed every day in little ways. A supervisor could make jokes at their expense. He or she could make sexual advances and then try to pass them off as jokes when they are rejected. While this is all veiled under a guise of humor, it is still very much sexual harassment and needs to be addressed. Naturally, this just shows two ends of the spectrum. There are many activities that fall somewhere in the middle, and employee rights can be violated all over the place. If you have faced harassment or if you just want to be ready for it if it ever shows up, we invite you to check out our site. It can give you a lot of helpful information about your rights and what can be done.