The New Jersey Turnpike and similarly fast paced roadways are regularly packed with various types of motor vehicles that are all traveling at fairly high speeds. When motorists are traveling at these speeds and on busy roadways, most motorists are expecting other vehicles to travel in a similar manner. When a motorist fails to travel in a consistent manner on a busy roadway, the motorist may become involved in a car accident with disastrous results. A teenage driver was traveling near northern New Jersey when she became involved in a tragic car accident. The teenage driver was traveling in the middle lane of the interstate when her car broke down and stopped operating. The sudden stop of the teenage driver's car caused her to get rear-ended by another car that traveling behind the teenager's car. The initial two car accident was unfortunately not the only accident caused by the teenager's stalled car. Following the initial two-car collision, a third vehicle collided into the second car. Then a fourth and fifth car crashed into the five-car collision. As a result of the five-car accident, the teenage driver died from the injuries she sustained during the collision. In addition to the fatality of the teenage driver, it was reported that three other people who were involved in the accident incurred non-life threatening injuries from the collision. An experienced attorney can help a party involved in a complex or multi-vehicle car accident receive the full amount of recovery necessary to be made whole after the accident. Source: New Jersey Herald, "Teen dies in 5-vehicle crash on I-81 near Syracuse," Jan. 17, 2013