Many of our blog discussions talk about the impact of a semi-trailer in an auto accident. A significant portion of discussions relate to how the size difference between a semi-trailer and traditional vehicles increase the potential damage of an auto accident. The size of most semi-trucks can also impact the severity of a motor vehicle collision because heavier semi-trucks require a longer distance to stop and are generally unable to stop quickly in response to a potential car accident. A recent New Jersey trucking accident, which involved a semi-truck and an SUV, may not have allowed for much reaction time to avoid a collision. The New Jersey truck accident occurred about a week ago at approximately 1:45 in the afternoon. The two vehicles involved in the accident were the SUV, which was driven by a 47-year-old woman, and a loaded semi-truck that was driven by a 39-year-old man. The male truck driver was traveling in the northbound lane of Route 206 when he encountered the woman's SUV. The woman's SUV was traveling in the southbound lane of the same interstate. For an undetermined reason, the woman's SUV swerved across the center lane and entered into the oncoming northbound traffic. Upon entering into oncoming traffic the SUV collided with the semi-truck. The collision caused the semi-truck to travel off of the interstate and overturn in the nearby woods. The truck driver did not report any immediate injuries after the collision. The SUV was severely damaged in the collision. The woman was extracted from the SUV and taken to a local hospital. The local police conducted an investigation that may provide essential evidence in a potential personal injury lawsuit. Source:, "Route 206 crash injures one; closes road for three hours," Bob Thomas, Jan. 18, 2013