There are a number of cases being filed in New Jersey and across the country concerning surgical mesh implants. Such implants have been marketed by major manufacturers such as Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson. The reason we are seeing more coverage upon such defective products is the rise in erosion and infection caused to women that have received such implants. Originally such devices were found to be useful in that the implants were used to repair or support weakened and damaged tissue in cases of pelvic organ prolapsed (POP). The devices were also used in cases concerning overactive bladder and incontinence. However, the complications for women fitted with such devices have turned out to be more severe than the original symptoms these were designed to treat. The reporting of such complications has increased more than five times over the past 5-years. Women suffering from any of the above symptoms may require additional surgery to treat or correct complications from the mesh surgery. These women will also require the advice and counsel of an attorney experienced in complicated personal injury and medical malpractice suits. In addition to the above listed symptoms, women that have suffered injuries due to these procedures may also be forced to endure emotional trauma and the loss of wages due to time taken off from work for any corrective procedures. POP affects approximately 30 to 50 percent of women. Use of surgical mesh in surgery procedures has been going on since the 1950s. There are close to 300,000 surgeries for POP and incontinence every year. With this rate of surgery being performed, manufacturers have a duty to make sure that products used in such surgery are free of risk. Source: Reuters, "FDA wants new studies on surgical mesh implants," by Anna Yukhananov, Jan. 5, 2012