Although workplace injuries can occur any time of the year, the summer season brings with it unique hazards that workers and employers should be particularly aware of. Here are some summer-specific safety tips that can be followed to help reduce the risk and severity of work injuries. 

Injuries and Illnesses Caused by the Summer Sun

Work injuries and illnesses caused by exposure to summer heat are frequent occurrences, especially in industries that typically work outside such as construction, landscaping, and agriculture. Workers who spend too much time out in direct sunlight during the summer without taking proper precautions are at risk of severe sunburn and heat stroke. Tips to help reduce the risk of exposure injuries during the summer include:

  • Make sure workers are provided with and consume plenty of water or electrolyte fluids when working outdoors or in hot conditions
  • Instruct workers to wear appropriate clothing, including loose, breathable fabrics, and long sleeve shirts and pants, and wide-brim hats to cover up the skin
  • Schedule frequent breaks for workers and allow workers to rest in the shade or preferably in air conditioning
  • Also, consider scheduling work to be done during the morning or early evening hours to avoid the midday heat

Seasonal Worker Injuries

Summer also brings many seasonal workers into the workforce, particularly high schoolers and college students who choose to work a summer job while on break from school. Young seasonal workers often work in the food service and hospitality industries where many businesses are only open during the summer months. Unfortunately, young workers often lack the experience needed to protect themselves from injury on the job. Young and seasonal workers coming in for a new summer job should be required to undergo a safety training program, which may include how to safely perform their job tasks and what to do in the event of an emergency. 

Summer Business Travel

While the summer season often means leisure travel for many families, it can also mean work travel for employees. Although domestic travel is relatively safe, workers who must travel abroad for business may want to keep a few safety tips in mind to avoid injury and illness, including:

  • Always be mindful of your surroundings when visiting another city, and try to avoid being out after dark
  • Stick to bottled water and avoid ice cubes in drinks when visiting a foreign city, particularly cities that may not have robust water sanitation systems
  • Check the Centers for Disease Control or State Department websites for advisories about disease outbreaks in the city or country you are traveling to
  • If you need vaccinations to travel to a foreign county, make sure you get your vaccinations at least six to eight weeks before travel

Work Injuries after Severe Summer Weather

Severe weather is also a common feature of the summer season, which can damage workplaces and require employees to engage in the cleanup. Tips to help keep employees safe from severe weather include:

  • Keep an eye on weather reports for predicted severe weather, so that you can bring in workers from outside if necessary
  • Consider allowing workers to leave early to get home before severe weather strikes
  • If the workplace suffers water damage, use dehumidifiers to avoid mold buildup
  • Ensure workers have appropriate safety equipment and training if they are required to clean up damage in the workplace from severe weather

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