There is no question that spinal cord injuries will alter almost every aspect of an individual's life, but now it has been surmised that such injuries can place patients at high risk of cardiac disease as well. Cardiovascular disease appears to be the leading cause of illness and death for individuals with spinal injuries. It's long been known that spinal cord injuries will affect blood pressure, breathing, and oxygen delivery to the heart and other organs. Yet if the body cannot react to blood pressure changes, the heart can then go into cardiac arrest. The good news is that such understandings can lead to research that will prevent these types of events from occurring. The bad news is that any breakthroughs will still need to occur in the future. The significance of spinal cord injuries as far as the legal setting goes is that it's almost impossible to place a dollar figure on the injuries suffered. How much financial compensation is adequate just to meet the daily services of individuals that have suffered paralysis due to spinal cord injuries? What should negligent parties be asked to compensate victims and family members suffering these kinds of injuries? What kind of price tag can be placed upon pain and suffering? These are questions best answered by an experienced personal injury attorney. And since personal injury law is often state specific, if a spinal cord injury took place in the Rochelle Park area, it would generally be best to consult with an attorney licensed in the state of New Jersey. Source: Science Codex, "Spinal cord injury puts patients at high risk of life-threatening cardiovascular events," Nov. 5, 2012
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