It's almost impossible to imagine the difficulties that individuals suffering spinal cord injuries are required to endure. If not for incredible courage and a positive attitude, many of them would likely wish they had died in the accident that caused their disability rather than to go on living. A 19-year-old girl in a neighboring state of New Jersey is one such person who has done all she can to make the best of a terrible ordeal. She was the passenger in a car that crashed into a telephone poll and was driven by a 17-year-old acquaintance. The accident fractured her spinal cord and has left her as a quadriplegic. The girl spent many weeks in the hospital. What made it possible for her to withstand the earlier medical care was the compassion of the many people around her. Such individuals organized fundraisers and helped set up a number of anonymous donations. Because of such help she is hoping to return to community college this next fall. A family friend has seen just how hard the girl had to work going through physical therapy sessions. The hope is that because of such sessions there will eventually be more movement and strength in the muscles that have retained mobility following the accident. The physical therapy she receives will likely be required for the remainder of her life. Without question a positive attitude does help a person suffering from spinal cord injuries, but such individuals cannot do it alone. They will require medical care, services to assist in daily chores, and possible counseling to deal with issues such as pain and depression. All of this will cost somewhere in the area of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of the enormity of such expenses, it is recommended that such individuals contact attorneys that can help seek compensation to meet these needs. There are many items that the girl would like to help improve the quality of her life. She'd like to have doors, television and environmental control systems that are voice activated. These are just some of the things the rest of us take for granted. Source: Connecticut Post, "The courage to get better in Brookfield," by Sandra Diamond Fox, April 9, 2012