Because of our weather here in New Jersey, we probably take slip and fall accidents more seriously than other locales. Yet even here we occasionally are given grim reminders before people take such accidents and injuries from falls seriously. Recently a woman died on a cruise ship when she fell down a set of stairs. The woman was 47-years old, the accident occurred at 1:48 a.m., and the woman was pronounced dead a little more than an hour after the accident occurred. According to investigating officers, the woman simply slipped on the steps and hit her head. It bears repeating that slip and fall accidents often are extremely serious in nature and can result in debilitating head, neck and back injuries. As in the above circumstance, injuries suffered in such accidents can result in a fatality. Though one can recover for injuries due to slip and fall injuries, the injured party first has to show negligence on the part of the homeowner before that person can recover. This may not always be easy to do. Fortunately, many attorneys experienced in trying slip and fall cases know how to locate signs that negligence occurred. One way negligence can possibly be shown is to demonstrate that an owner failed to remove objects or obstacles that could lead to falls - and such objects or obstacles were easily removable. Another way is if it can be shown that the sidewalk or steps on which an individual was walking were in poor repair. Finally, if it can be shown there were slippery surfaces on the pavement with no warnings posted at or near the slippery area. Source: Taunton Daily Gazette, "Middleboro woman dies after fall on cruise ship," Jan. 30, 2012