We put our lives in the hands of others every single day, often without a conscious thought about it. From the moment we wake up, we rely that others have taken our safety into consideration. When we turn on the stove to make our oatmeal, we rely on a stove without defects. When we send our kids to school, we rely on teachers and officials to keep them safe. When we get into our cars to go to work, we hope others on the road will put a hold on negligent behavior. Of course, the fact that we are writing a post in a Personal Injury Blog is evidence that the duty to act responsibly is not upheld in every instance, and the result is physical, emotional and financial damage. For approximately 30 people riding on a passenger bus through New Jersey this week, they may be wondering who is responsible for the incident they experienced. New Jersey State Police are on the same page, wondering what exactly caused the bus to leave the paved roadway and careen down into the embankment jolting the passengers inside. No other cars were apparently involved in causing the single-vehicle incident on the weekend afternoon. While the actual extent of every injury suffered in the bus accident remains unknown at the time, there were 14 people treated at local hospitals. Four were tended to by nurses and doctors at Capital Health Regional Medical Center, and another 10 were received attention at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. For those who were injured, they likely won't be able to fill in the blanks to unanswered questions. Personal injury attorneys see these types of cases every day, and that experience and exposure coupled with knowledge of the law gives them the unique ability to fight for accident victims. Source: nj.com, "14 injured in bus accident on I-295 in Mercer County," Jenna Pizzii, April 20, 2013