Several of our recent blogs have drawn attention to the fact that drivers across North Jersey need to pay acute attention when they're on the road. One of our postings chronicled the views of traffic officials and safety experts across the state, summed up collectively by a Bergen County highway spokesman's comment that, "More people are using a car as a weapon." Another blog discussed the strong efforts being made in the state to keep people safe under traffic conditions that, when measured to those in other states, are comparatively challenging; the daily driving routines of many New Jersey motorists place them on busy and, often, very constricted roadways. Car accidents and other motor vehicle mishaps are obviously a common occurrence. For all-too quick confirmation of this, one need only consider Wednesday, September 15, when a series of accidents across North Jersey resulted in lane closures, commuting delays and extensive traffic backups. In Mahwah, for example, a driver ran out of gas on Route 287 and was struck by a tractor trailer that sent the driver into the guard rail. The truck then hit a pole, rupturing its gas tank and spilling diesel fuel over the road. On the New Jersey Turnpike, in Woodbridge, a tractor trailer flipped and also spilled fuel, resulting in traffic that was stalled for five miles. In Rockaway Township, an accident closed exit ramps on Interstate 80. These traffic accidents are representative of crashes and collisions that are a commonplace on our roadways. A person who is seriously injured in a car or other motor vehicle accident might want to consider contacting a law firm with extensive personal injury experience and a proven record as a strong ally and effective legal advocate. Related Resource: "Gas spill on Route 287, two other incidents back up traffic for commuters" September 15, 2010