The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority have settled a premises liability lawsuit involving a number of individuals injured upon an escalator during a football game at Giants' Stadium. Eight individuals were apparently injured in the escalator accident when the escalator sped up and throwing a number of people riding upon it forward. There is also the possibility that some of the escalator steps became dislodged causing riders legs to be caught up in the machinations of the escalator system. A number of those injured suffered severe foot injuries. One individual was forced to undergo a number of surgical procedures before one of his legs was finally amputated below the knee. Knowing that there were likely more than 50,000 football fans in attendance at the game, those maintaining the stadium have every obligation to make their facilities as safe as these can possibly be. Railings, elevators, escalators and seating used by those in attendance should be routinely checked and maintained to make sure no injuries occur. Often injuries occurred because simple procedures were not implemented or followed by the staff. If you suffer an injury due to the negligence of a facility you paid to enter, you may want to contact an attorney to seek compensation for your injuries. It's not uncommon for such injuries to result in thousands of dollars of medical expenses. Also, an injury may cause someone to be out of work for weeks or even months. The above lawsuit has been settled for $2 million. Though this sum seems substantial, it must be remembered that a large number of people were injured and that those injured likely have been required to miss work and expend money for medical care and other services. Under such circumstances, such a settlement is not extravagant. Source:, "State authority settles suit over Giants Stadium escalator accident for $2M," by Kibret Markos, Jan. 19, 2012