Driving a motorcycle in New Jersey carries with it a certain amount of risk. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, fatal accidents are 30 times more likely to occur while operating a motorcycle than in a car. The reasons for this are relatively obvious, but the simple fact is that there are far fewer safety features such as seat belts and airbags on a bike. Fortunately, there are several preventative measures one can take to increase their safety while driving a motorcycle. There are numerous safety precautions to take when operating a motorcycle. These include simple and obvious things like maintaining the proper operation of the brakes and engine, practicing and honing skills and learning the rules of the road. When on a bike, it's also wise to drive as defensively as possible. It's important to remember that a motorcycle is open to the environment and has very few features that protect the individual in the event of an accident. Safety gear and the bike itself are also important things to consider before hitting the road. Wearing proper clothing that covers the entire body and a helmet that completely protects the head will drastically increase the chances of making it through a motorcycle crash safely. Also, when purchasing a bike, it is vital that the engine isn't too much to handle. Getting something that is within a certain skill range will ensure that the driver can maintain control and handle situations when they arise. Almost half of the motorcycle accidents that occur in the U.S. are single vehicle crashes that only involve the driver of the bike. In a case such as this, a personal injury attorney may evaluate the situation, assess road conditions and look at any extenuating circumstances of the accident. Certain scenarios may require that the attorney deal with an insurance company that is reluctant to pay for expenses. Source: ConsumerReports.org, "10 motorcycle safety tips for new riders", December 02, 2014