Truly coincidental, accidental things happen all the time. On the road, it is surely possible for two drivers to both properly signal and both move at the same time from two outer lanes into the middle lane. We've probably all seen it happen or had it happen to us on one of New Jersey's busy highways. Normally, these types of encounters end with a friendly wave and a face that says "oops!" or "my bad!" Some drivers do not take it so well. They may say a swear word or flash a not-so-polite gesture. No nice, but not reckless. When someone takes it to the level of aggressive road rage, it creates a risk that causes some of the most serious car accidents on the roads. Almost every incident of road rage involves a dangerous weapon. People tend to forget that a powerful motor vehicle is as dangerous as a gun. When a driver on the road uses their vehicle to tail too closely to the car ahead, speed next to them, cut them off, rear-end another's car or any other overly aggressive behavior, it can cause deadly results. New Jersey legislators recently increased the penalties for drivers who lose control of their emotions. Jessica's Law went into effect at the end of April, increasing the penalties for those found to have caused bodily harm through the aggressive operation of an auto or vessel. The bill was written after a young girl became the victim of another's road rage. The young girl was seriously hurt in the resulting accident. Her injuries resulted in 24 surgeries and left her in a wheelchair, paralyzed at the waist. The dangers of road rage are real. No matter what happens on the road, no driver should be subjected to the injuries this young girl was forced to endure. Leave the criminal deterrents to the police. If you have become a victim of road rage, you have the right to seek compensation that will not only hold the aggressor liable, but will give you the support you need to rebuild. Source: Examiner, "Road rage penalties in New Jersey are now stiffer," Eric Braun, April 21, 2012