A new study found that red light cameras may increase car accidents. This is not the good news safety officials want to hear after installing many red light cameras throughout cities in New Jersey.  The study looked at the number of car accidents in intersections in the first six months when there were no red light cameras compared to the number of accidents during the first six months of having the red light cameras installed.  The study found that car accidents increased by 50 percent after the red light cameras were installed. Car accidents were more likely to happen within 100 feet of the intersections after the red light cameras were installed in New Jersey. After the study's findings, officials in some of the cities said they were unhappy with the red light cameras. Those opposed to the red light cameras said they are just a way to give traffic tickets to drivers instead of trying to reduce traffic accidents. In the cities with red light cameras, drivers who are caught running a red light receive an $85 traffic ticket. Red light cameras are supposed to help prevent serious car accidents that happen in intersections by drivers who run red lights. However, the results of the study show that in these areas, car accidents are not being prevented and actually increased. Car accidents in these areas probably increased due to more drivers slamming on their brakes in an effort not to drive through a red light, forcing the car behind them to brake quickly and results in a rear-end collision. Source: News 12, "Study shows increase in accidents in intersections with red light cameras," Aug. 27, 2013