A truck was the only option for him as he ran away from the hoard of ghostly gray and stiff bodies chasing him. He took control of the large commercial vehicle as zombies clung to its sides, trying to climb to the front and turn him into another living dead. Maybe it would be with a single bite or maybe it would be multiple ones. He was literally speeding for his life. Sounds like a classic horror movie like "Dawn of the Dead," but this movie wasn't on the big screen. Instead, it was running through the mind of a transient young adult who had hijacked an 18 wheeler while hallucinating from a substance he ingested. When he hijacked the vehicle, he drove it wildly down the highway, causing a number of collisions that sent at least four people to a local emergency room. How did the transient get a hold of the vehicle? He had been hitchhiking when the employed truck driver picked him up. The transient rode with the truck driver across several states. At one point the truck driver left him alone in the vehicle while he filled out inspection paperwork. It was then that the transient took over the vehicle and went dangerously down the road. Those who were injured may want to file a civil suit for damages to help compensate for the injuries, but they know that a transient is most likely an uninsured motorist with little equity. In this instance, there may be more questions to ask. Is there some liability with the truck driver or his employer? How did the transient get the keys? Where did the hallucinogenic substance come from? Did the truck driver consume some as well? What are the regulations concerning commercial truck driver's licenses and picking up hitchhikers or allowing any passenger into the vehicle for that matter? And the list goes on. Source: CNN, "Cause of multiple collisions in California? Zombies, driver tells police," Dorrine Mendoza, April 11, 2013 Attorneys at our law firm are well experienced with investigating New Jersey commercial vehicle accidents and helping victims obtain the compensation that they deserve.