Even the most innocuous seeming products sold in New Jersey and the rest of the United States may turn out to be dangerous and/or defective. A report released in March of 2009 revealed that shampoo manufactured and marketed by Johnson & Johnson may contain cancer-causing chemicals such as a formaldehyde additive. Despite the report's conclusions, Johnson & Johnson apparently has not made changes to the product nor removed the allegedly defective product from the market. Complaints have been made that Johnson & Johnson's response to the report has been too slow. Unfortunately, this is often the case when dealing with products that have been mass produced and distributed throughout the country. Reports, statements, and campaigns encouraging consumers to boycott the product have not produced a response from the manufacturer. Often manufacturers will not make changes until they are challenged directly in court. Products liability cases are often difficult to prove up because determinations need to be made showing that the product actually caused an actual physical injury. However, Legal counsel experienced in the area of products liability can often locate the evidence necessary to prove up their claim. Such counsel is also experienced in dealing with large manufacturers and can often negotiate a settlement or bring the matter to trial and bring back a jury verdict to at least somewhat compensate the victim. Unfortunately, what we are dealing with here is a product that is widely used for the benefit of children. The injuries that could be caused by the marketing of the product potentially involve cancer. That some manufacturers do not take such claims more seriously and react in a timely manner to such claims is the reason why products liability lawsuits exist. Source: International Business Times, "Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo Still Contains Cancer-Causing Chemicals: Report," by Brett LoGiurato, Nov. 2, 2011