Undoubtedly, ever since the release of Pokemon Go on July 6, 2016 for the Android and iOS platforms, the world has been obsessed with "catching 'em all." As the mobile game requires that players explore the real world to catch Pokemon creatures, many have joked that Pokemon Go has helped many people lose weight and achieve their dream bodies. While some are praising Niantic, Inc. for developing a mobile app that successfully promotes fitness and exercise, others are criticizing the software development company for creating a menace to public safety. Officials report that quite a few car accidents have occurred due to Pokemon Go.

Accidents related to Pokemon Go

In the past month or so, several accidents have occurred due to Pokemon Go across the United States. One individual in New York was attempting to catch a Pokemon while driving and rammed into a tree. The driver admitted that Pokemon Go had distracted him from paying attention to the road. The man suffered a few cuts and bruises to his legs. Shortly after the accident, an ambulance took the driver to a hospital for treatment. A teenage girl in Pennsylvania ran into an intersection to catch a Pokemon and was struck by a vehicle. Both the victim and her mother blamed Pokemon Go for the incident. According to the mother, the young girl is a "hermit" and would have never been out of the house to begin with if it weren't for the mobile game. In San Diego, California, two men needed to be rescued after falling off an ocean bluff. The men had been playing Pokemon Go and were too distracted to notice they were nearing the edge until they fell off. Even armed robberies of players of Pokemon Go have been reported in Long Island and Maryland.

Pokemon Go deaths?

No deaths related to the mobile app have been reported so far. However, recent reports of trespassing, traffic accidents, and distracted pedestrians have caused many to fear that news of a Pokemon-related death will come sooner rather than later. Professor Gerry Beyer from the Texas Tech University School of Law stated, "Death by Pokemon is coming." He warned that Pokemon players would end up in accidents while driving, walking, and biking. Many police departments across the United States have issued warnings due to Pokemon Go. Hopefully, players will start to heed these warnings before a tragedy occurs.

What to do if injured?

If you or a loved one is injured in a traffic accident due to Pokemon Go (or any other form of distracted driving), you should contact an attorney to help you recover compensation for medical bills, property damage, loss of wages and other compensation to which you may be entitled. Do not speak to the other drivers involved in the car accident and ask a police officer if he or she believes the other motorist involved in the accident was distracted. For more information or a free consultation, don't hesitate to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney from the Epstein Law Firm, P.A.