Crosswalks are usually available on most busy New Jersey roadways. Popular intersections and those with stoplights often have crosswalks, but many others do not and pedestrians must choose where to cross. Most drivers remember to be aware of pedestrians in crosswalks, but pedestrians can also be present outside of a crosswalk. A recent car accident injured three teenagers who were pedestrians on a New Jersey roadway. The New Jersey car accident happened when the three teenagers were attempting to cross the roadway and were hit by an oncoming vehicle. At the time of the accident, the teenagers were not wearing reflective clothing and were outside of a designated crosswalk. Following the accident, all three of the teenagers were taken to a local hospital for treatment to the injuries they incurred during the accident. All three teenagers incurred non-life threatening injuries as a result of being hit by the car. It was reported that the driver of the vehicle will not face any criminal charges for the accident. Although no criminal charges will be assessed as a result of the accident, the driver could still face civil charges for the accident. The three teenage pedestrians have the right to pursue any possible negligence claims against the driver of the car. If the pedestrians were successful in the pursuit of a claim for negligence, they could each receive financial compensation for the injuries and related damages caused by the accident. During an assessment of a potential negligence claim of this type, fault is often proportioned. In some states, comparative negligence is a theory that allows recovery even when the injured party is partially at fault in the accident. Portioning of fault is one reason why choosing an attorney with extensive experience in these types of cases is a vital decision. Source: My Fox NY, "3 teens struck, injured by car in northwestern NJ," Oct. 28, 2012