On this blog, we try from time to time to inform our readers about news related to slip and fall, or premises liability accidents. Because such accidents can result in serious injuries, there is often a need for compensation to pay for medical bills and other costs associated with the accident. Slip and fall accidents aren't often highly publicized unless they are unusual, though there was a story recently published in a Pasadena newspaper noting that a woman is suing a Kroger grocery store in the Pasadena area after suffering injuries connected to a slip and fall accident. The woman apparently injured her right shoulder, hand and hip inside a Kroger store after she slipped and fell on water that had been left on the floor next to the store's banking area. That accident took place in August of 2009. The woman apparently filed a negligence suit against Kroger Co. just recently, on August 10, in the Harris County District Court, seeking damages and court costs. Wet floors are one of many situations that can give rise to slip and fall accidents. Cracked sidewalks, slick exterior walkways, holes in paved parking lots, damaged floors and stairways in rental properties, and dangerous construction sites are all potential occasions for slip and fall accidents. In general, property owners should know that they have a responsibility for individuals injured on their property if the injury is a result of an unsafe condition. Property owners must warn visitors of dangerous conditions of which they are aware or should be aware, or which they have caused. Source: The Ultimate Pasadena, "Kroger blamed for slip and fall," Glenna Herald, August 11, 2011.