Do you have a loved one that’s currently a resident in a nursing home facility? If so, then it’s important to get as informed as possible about the new coronavirus outbreak. According to experts, elderly individuals, especially those in nursing homes, are particularly vulnerable to this new virus.

As a result, your loved one’s nursing home should be taking an unprecedented level of precautions to prevent an outbreak in their facility. If an outbreak occurs in your loved one’s nursing home, then you need to determine whether negligence played a role.

How Nursing Homes Should be Handling Covid-19

All nursing homes throughout the nation should know about the current coronavirus pandemic by now. They should all be taking specific steps to help protect their residents including:

  • Monitoring residents for symptoms of respiratory infections
  • Restricting visitation for everyone including the residents’ friends and family
  • Essential staff should wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and practice good hygiene
  • Canceling community activities
  • Screening staff for fever and respiratory symptoms
  • Explaining to residents the importance of social distancing
  • Using CDC-approved cleaners
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all shared medical equipment
  • Preventing potential transmission from supplies
  • Following all CDC recommendations

Every nursing home should be getting guidance from the CDCs website. If nursing home staff suspect a resident has come down with coronavirus, then they should immediately reach out to their local health department. They should also take specific steps to prevent unnecessary exposure.

Nursing Home Coronavirus Outbreak: Was the Nursing Home Negligent?

Is your loved one’s nursing home still allowing visitors to come and go? Do you have reason to believe the nursing home isn’t following the CDC’s protocol?

If your loved one gets exposed to coronavirus, then they may need to be transferred to a hospital. In some situations, respiratory treatments are necessary. If your loved one has other existing conditions, then they’re considered high risk of developing Covid-19. 

If you incur medical bills due to a situation like this, then it’s important to determine whether the nursing home’s negligence caused your loved one’s coronavirus diagnosis. An attorney can help you determine if you have the basis to seek out a claim against the nursing home or nursing home staff.

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