A serious motor vehicle accident in Jersey City last Saturday evening took investigators some time to sort through. Although there were no fatalities, three people were injured, ending up in three different medical centers. Police arrived at the site early in the morning and saw a Dodge Caravan rolled over on its side in the northbound lane of Route 1 and 9, with a motorcycle embedded in its left side. One person was lying on the side of the road; another was found about 50 feet away, in the road. Witnesses told police that the van was proceeding ahead of the bike in the southbound lane when it suddenly made a U-turn to go north. The motorcyclist, later identified as Jason Garcia of North Bergen, could not avoid collision and slammed into the left side of the van. Ironically, the van - not the bike - sustained heavy damage. Garcia - the person found in the road - was taken to Jersey City Medical Center and later listed in stable condition. The other injured person at the scene, who was a passenger in the van and not immediately named by the media, was a Jersey City resident who was taken to University Hospital in Newark with serious injuries. As for the van's driver, Louis A. Campoverde of Sanford Place, he fled the scene after the crash and was found at Christ Hospital as he was being treated for minor injuries. Police arrested Campoverde and charged him with aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an accident and endangering the life of an injured victim. Related Resource: www.nj.com "Van driver charged with endangering life of motorcyclist after crash" August 16, 2010