The "Click it or Ticket" traffic safety campaign kicked off by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration many years back and now operative in a number of states focuses on decreasing car accident injuries and other motor vehicle mishaps through driver monitoring and education. The program focuses centrally on seat belt use, especially among teens and young adults. Statistics from numerous sources indicate that Click it or Ticket has had measurable success in increasing drivers' compliance with law. Strict enforcement of required seat belt use through ticket issuance and not merely warnings during a Click it or Ticket campaign undoubtedly has something to do with that compliance and drivers' awareness. The Hudson County Sheriff's Office obviously supports that view, as New Jersey traffic officials have just cited it as the office that issued the most tickets for belt infractions during the most recent safety campaign, which ran from May 24 to June 6. The Hudson office issued 2,133 tickets over the period, the most by far of any law enforcement agency in New Jersey. Second place went to the Bergen County Police Department, which issued more than 1,700 tickets. The tickets were a logical response to Hudson County Sheriff Juan M. Perez' statement that police "need to be proactive and not reactive" in promoting road safety. Division of Highway Safety Director Pam Fischer states that front seat belt use in New Jersey now stands at a record 93.73 percent. The Click it or Ticket campaign has operated in New Jersey for 14 straight years. Based on law enforcement enthusiasm and the improved safety statistics, the program is likely to be conducted again. Related Resource: "Hudson County Sheriff's Office has top numbers in statewide "Click it or Ticket" seatbelt enforcement campaign" August 17, 2010