A former New Jersey police officer filed a lawsuit against his employer for a hostile work environment, which was recently settled. A hostile work environment can be created when an employee is being harassed or discriminated against during the course of his or her employment. The former New Jersey police officer claimed he suffered from a hostile work environment. The alleged hostile work environment was caused after the former police officer openly criticized the department's position of master police officer. In addition to the former police officer's open criticism, he also felt he was retaliated against for supporting another police officer. The former police officer sided with a fellow employee who had previously filed grievances against the employer. The former police officer claimed he was retaliated against in the form of low performance ratings and was overlooked for career opportunities. These allegations caused the former police officer to suffer from a hostile work environment that was created by his employer. The former police officer's lawsuit was recently settled for $110,000. It was reported that the settlement was agreed upon by the plaintiff and defendants in an effort to avoid continued litigation proceedings. The presiding judge allowed the lawsuit to be dismissed in lieu of the financial settlement. The financial settlement was based on the plaintiff's pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, disability and associated attorney costs. Even though the plaintiff received a financial settlement, as part of the settlement agreement the defendant denied any allegations against the defendant. An experienced attorney can review past employment circumstances that can created a hostile work environment and help the victim receive the maximum compensation for their suffering. Source: Shore News Today, "Hostile work environment suit settled," Laura Stetser, May 25, 2012