An 80-mile bicycle ride through New Jersey sounds like fun...if you are an enthusiastic bicyclist. When those making the journey plan for it, they generally plan for equipment, clothing, good weather, etc. But a bicyclist probably does not plan to be in a serious car accident, despite the fact that one could happen. A recent serious car accident involved four bicyclists, who were all hit by the same driver on a New Jersey roadway. The driver of the motor vehicle involved in the car accident hit a pedestrian street sign before colliding with the bicyclist. The four bicyclists were traveling in a line along the road when the car accident happened. After the motorist hit the street sign, the motorist collided with the bicyclists- one after another. Witness reports indicate the bicyclists collided with the motor vehicle and landed in the road. One of the bicyclist's helmets broke the motor vehicle's windshield. The tire was also blown out on the motor vehicle after it ran over another bicyclist. All four bicyclist suffered severe physical injuries, including head injuries and broken bones. All four bicyclists required hospitalization after the accident. The injured bicyclists were discovered on the roadway by local police about an hour after the car accident. The driver of the motor vehicle initially fled the accident scene, but local police were able to identify the driver. The car accident remains under police investigation to determine the cause of the accident. Physical injuries that are caused by car accidents can require extensive and potentially long-term health care. These types of health care treatments can be costly. Those injured in the car accident may be entitled to damages from a negligence claim as a method of financial recovery for their injuries. Source:, "Hampton man pleads guilty to causing accident between car, 4 bicyclists," Joe Moszczynski, Oct. 17, 2012