It was only in April that Newark Mayor Cory Booker was hailed as a hero for helping rescue a woman from a home fire in his neighborhood. He was the focus once again of another accident scene. While he might like to be called a hero once again, he said that the honor goes to the quick thinking of other Good Samaritans at the scene. According to Mayor Booker, he came upon the scene of a pedestrian accident on Friday, June 22. The mayor was one of many who watched in horror after a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. His body was tossed to the side and he landed face down on the pavement. Mayor Booker said that it was an Essex County veteran who led the charge in heroism. The man has worked as a detective in the Essex County Prosecutor's office for 19 years, and he continued to show his devotion to public service at the scene when he rushed up to the injured pedestrian. The victim was lying on the pavement with blood covering his face. The detective not only helped soak up the blood and assess the injuries for the paramedics who were on their way, but he was prepared for the victim's shock. As do many victims in shock after an accident, the pedestrian attempted to stand up. Understanding that this could cause further injury, the detective calmed the victim and helped keep him still until paramedics could use stabilize the man. Mayor Booker acknowledged the other bystanders who helped prevent further injury to the victim when he tweeted that he was at the scene with others who "got [the] man stabilized & into ambulance." The tweet went on to confirm that the victim will "b OK. Thanks 2 all who helped." Source:, "Cory Booker shares spotlight with county detective, both help victim of Newark car accident," David Giambusso, June 22, 2012