It's here....the year 2013! Many of us in Northern New Jersey go out and celebrate on New Year's Eve. Some of us celebrate out in public forums, while others celebrate privately. Whichever type of celebration occurs, most celebrations include traveling to and from the celebration site. As much fun as a New Year's Eve celebration can bring, car accidents that occur on New Year's Eve can be equally as harmful. A report released by AAA stated that driving on New Year's Eve may be one of the most dangerous nights of the year to drive in New Jersey. The danger from driving on New Year's Eve is due to the potential of a car accident. The AAA report stated nine fatal car accidents occurred last New Year's Eve in New Jersey. Out of the nine fatal car accidents, it was reported that at least half of the accidents were due to drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition to the fatal car accidents that occurred last New Year's Eve due to driver intoxication, New Jersey police made an estimated 1,877 alcohol related arrests this past winter. Driving under the influence can have catastrophic or fatal results when an intoxicated driver is involved in a car accident. Alcohol-related car accidents can unfortunately cause catastrophic personal injury to drivers and passengers in all of the vehicles involved in the collision. Individuals who incur personal injuries from a catastrophic car accident may benefit from seeking legal advice from an experience attorney to assess potentially entitled damages that may result from the car accident. Source:, "South Jersey cops offer tips on getting home safe on New Year's Eve," Alex Young, Dec. 30, 2012