A popular toy is being called by pediatricians to be a dangerous hazard for children. It concerns brightly colored spherical toys that can greatly expand when such toys are doused with water, and such toys could easily become subject for products liability litigation. Though the toys are about the size of a marble when purchased, such spheres can expand to the size of racquetballs when soaked with water. Such a toy presents two dangers for children: (1) such a toy can be easily swallowed; and (2) once swallowed, it can then expand to cause blockages to the esophagus or digestive tract. Though warnings placed on such products can likely keep adults alert to the dangers of such products, the same cannot be said for children. Children do not always pay attention to warnings - if they understand the warning at all. Since such products were obviously intended for children, manufacturers owe a duty to their customers of creating products free of danger and that are safe for children to use. Rochelle Park parents whose children are injured in a manner such as swallowing an unintended object may want to contact an attorney experienced in the personal injury area that can successfully prosecute companies that fail to take precautions when it comes to children. Though an injury may have occurred because of the design of a particular toy, litigation against the company may force that corporation to take action to insure the same kind of injury will not reoccur for other children as well. Source: The New York Times, "Expanding Ball Toy Poses Hazard to Children and Pets," by Anahad O'Connor, September 17, 2012