A 15-year old New Jersey girl's paralysis that resulted from a road rage accident a number of years ago is now the motivating factor behind a proposed piece of legislation. The legislation is named for Jessica Rogers and would escalate any road rage assault causing a bodily injury to a third-degree offense. The young girl was paralyzed from the chest down while a passenger in the car when the accident in question occurred. The driver of the car became enraged at being cut-off in traffic, attempted to chase the car down that cut the driver off and ultimately crashed into a telephone pole. The driver was ultimately only sentenced to six months in jail and 5-years of probation. The legislation has unanimously passed both the Senate and the Assembly and is now awaiting the signature of the governor. In light of what did occur it is quite understandable why such legislation has been proposed, but such legislation in itself does not deal with the injuries that the young girl suffered. Such an injured party requires some sort of compensation. There are few types of injuries ultimately as devastating as spinal cord injuries. The individual responsible for such an injury has taken away the injured party's ability to live an ordinary life, has made them dependent on a lifetime of other's services, has forced the person to endure extreme pain and suffering, has decreased the quality of life for that person in almost every respect, and has probably greatly shortened the injured party's life substantially. Though it would never completely make up for their loss, those suffering a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of others badly require compensation just to survive and receive the care that they require and deserve. Attorneys that have represented such parties in the past understand the suffering they must endure and will push for a settlement that will at least provide a certain amount of care. Source: Daily Record, "NJ Legislature OKs road-rage penalties," by Bob Jordon, March 15, 2012