Ridgewood is just a 15 minute drive away from Rochelle Park. There, a longtime sanitation department worker injured himself while performing his day-to-day duties during a work-related accident. The worker was carrying a porcelain toilet. When he accidently dropped the toilet, the porcelain shattered and resulted in severe lacerations to the worker's leg. The laceration was so severe that it required 30 stitches to close the wound. Though such an accident may be somewhat unusual, a worker being injured while carrying various items occurs all of the time. When workers are day-in and day-out expected to perform physical tasks lifting and carrying heavy and often clumsy objects, sooner or later an accident is likely to occur. It's because the likelihood of injury is so high that workers' compensation regulations are put into place. Such regulations require employers to carry insurance upon its employees in the event any work-related injury occurs. Attorneys that are familiar with workers' compensation laws, and that have in the past represented such injured workers, understand the complexities of the laws and are willing to represent injured workers throughout the process of a workers' compensation claim. The employer is considered responsible for the injury because such employers direct what tasks the employee will perform every day, and employers are also responsible for implementing safety procedures to prevent worker-related injuries from occurring to begin with. Though most employers are concerned about the safety of the workers, there are other employers that assign to employees difficult and even dangerous tasks where the chances of injury are high. Source: NorthJersey.com, "Ridgewood worker injured on the job is recuperating," June 22, 2012