With the cleanup following Hurricane Sandy, there is a great deal of pressure upon workers to get projects done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, hurrying in this manner can result in accidents occurring, and some such accidents can be quite severe. A New Jersey utility worker recently suffered a severe electrical shock during the process of trying to make repairs to damage caused by the hurricane. Though not all of the details of what occurred are known, the worker was taken to the hospital where his vital signs are described as being okay. Work came to a temporary halt after the accident occurred. According to one source, the company for which the utility worker was employed "was shaken" by what happened. That same source stressed that safety had to be the number one priority, even when dealing with damage on such a wide scale as came about due to the hurricane. There does need to be an understanding that this type of work cannot be conducted at all without dedicated workers doing all they can to assist in these emergencies. These individuals are working long hours so that others can go on with their normal routines. And it's because these workers are performing such an important task that employers need to do all they can to provide the safest work environment possible. Unfortunately, when workers are injured, their family members often have no income coming in whatsoever. Attorneys experienced in helping injured workers out can make certain that the needs of the injured worker and other family members are met. Source: NBC New York, "New Jersey Utility Worker Injured by Electric Shock," by Brian Thompson, Nov. 3, 2012
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