A woman in New Jersey was recently hit by a dump truck, and she later passed away from her injuries. The accident happened in Union City, as the dump truck driver tried to enter a service road by turning right. The woman was walking across the road when she was hit. This happened at about 7:30 in the morning. The emergency response team gave her CPR at the site, and they then took her quickly to Jersey City Medical Center. However, she passed away while at the facility. The woman is said to be in either her 30s or her 20s, though no definite age has been given yet. The authorities have also not released her identity to the public. The truck driver is 40 years old. It appears that both of them had the signal at the same time. The driver had a green light, but, since he was turning, that meant he crossed the street where the woman also had the signal to walk. The police are still investigating the accident. They have said they don't think the driver was on his cellphone, and they don't think he was speeding. They are checking the truck to look for any mechanical failures and to determine if it was over the weight limit. The accident was witnessed by a number of people and it was also recorded by a security camera, all of which could definitely help the police in their investigation. If you've lost a loved one in a tragic pedestrian accident, be sure you know if you're entitled to compensation. Source: WABC-TV, "Woman dies after hit by dump truck in Union City, NJ," July 28, 2015