Sometimes a person is not even safe in their doctor's waiting room as car accidents can occur just about anywhere. An 80-year old New Jersey driver recently drove her car through the wall of the waiting room area. The woman apparently stepped on the accelerator rather than the brake pedal as she was parking her car. Though the accident caused a great deal of property damage and likely caused embarrassment for the driver, it was fortunate that nobody was injured in the incident. One of the problems with driving motor vehicles is that we have thousands of pounds of metal operated by an individual that may not be completely focused on the task of driving. In this particular case, the woman became momentarily confused as to which pedal she was stepping down upon. In a large number of other cases, individuals simply are paying attention to other things than the operation of the vehicle in which they are driving. When you consider the number of motor vehicles being operated upon the road, a certain percentage of those drivers may be operating their vehicles inattentively. Under such circumstances, it's truly amazing that more motor vehicle accidents involving injuries do not occur. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it would be a good idea to at least consult with an attorney experienced in the area of litigating this type of incident. Accidents are not always straight forward so it'd helpful to have a professional examine what happened and make a determination as to who is at fault. Source:, "Car slams into business in Pennsville, NJ," Dec. 12, 2011