The New Jersey Turnpike is a highly traveled roadway for trucks and commercial vehicles. The busy route was recently the scene of another fatal truck accident. The accident involved a dump truck and a semi-truck also commonly referred to as a tractor trailer. The truck accident happed on the New Jersey Turnpike at approximately 1:34 p.m. on Monday, April 2. The accident occurred when the dump truck and the semi-truck collided. The two trucks collided while both vehicles were traveling in the northbound lane of the Turnpike. The collision started a vehicle fire that consumed both of the vehicles involved in the accident. The collision caused the death of the dump truck driver. The dump truck driver was pronounced dead shortly after the accident, and the identity of the dump truck driver was not immediately reported because the victim's family had not yet been notified. No report has been made regarding the injuries of the semi-truck driver. Although the actual reason the two vehicles collided remains unknown, a witness of the accident reported that the dump truck collided into the rear of the semi-truck. The witness, who worked in a building close to the Turnpike, claimed he could feel the shock from the collision in his building. The accident caused traffic to be diverted to the inner portion of the Turnpike. New Jersey State Troopers are currently conducting an investigation of the collision. The investigation will be helpful to determine how and why the accident occurred and which driver is responsible for causing the accident. The results of the investigation can also lead to third-party liability claims. Third-party claims are common claims for defective vehicle parts that contributed to the accident and can lead to manufacturer liability. Source:, "N.J. Turnpike crash between dump truck, tractor-trailer kills 1," April 2, 2012