A New Jersey Transit worker died while working with track equipment. The 44-year old man described as a track worker was reportedly from Bayonne, and he had worked with the New Jersey Transit Authority for 11 years. The work-related accident remains under investigation. It was reported that the worker died due to head injuries, and the accident occurred on a set of tracks between Newark and Hoboken. Occupations such as construction workers and railroad employees are often quite hazardous in nature. Though individual workers do their best to follow all safety protocol, working under such conditions day after day will often eventually result in an injury. Sadly, such injuries are often severe or even fatal. The resulting shock of such accidents affects more than just family members. Other employees were offered counseling as a result of this particular accident. Laborers are often close to each other, and workplace accidents are a constant reminder of the conditions and stress in which they work under. Federal and state workplace safety regulations are not enough to prevent accidents from taking place. Ultimately, it is up to the employer to keep workplaces safe. It's for this reason that workers' compensation laws are in place, and that attorneys are available to represent injured workers. These laws were drawn up with the assumption that the employer will take care of workers injured on the job. When injuries occur at the workplace, employers have a duty to do all that can be done to prevent such accidents from reoccurring. Source: NJ.com, "NJ Transit says Bayonne rail worker killed in track accident in Kearny," by Michael Scrivner, August 23, 2012