Here in New Jersey, many people of all walks of life depend on NJ Transit buses to get them where they need to go. They also depend on these same buses to not endanger their lives, either as passengers or as pedestrians.

Unfortunately, not everyone who depends on NJ Transit for these simple needs is so lucky. Just a few weeks ago, a NJ Transit bus struck and seriously injured a man while he was crossing Route 22.

While the accident was not fatal, the man suffered serious injuries to his head and was airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

This man was only the latest in a number of tragic accidents along the same corridor in recent months. In the last six or seven months alone, five other accidents have claimed pedestrian lives.

Public transit is not above the law

The fact of the matter is that pedestrians face a very real danger when attempting to share roadways with vehicles, or even just walk near them. This danger is especially grave when it involves NJ Transit busses. The size of the vehicles presents an enormous danger to anyone they may strike.

Following any kind of injury accident, you need several kinds of help. First, you should make sure that you get proper medical treatment as soon as possible -- one should never put off proper medical treatment under any circumstances. Second, you should secure professional legal guidance that can help protect your rights as you pursue justice in your accident.

Many people have inaccurate ideas about whom they can sue and why. For some reason, the idea persists among some communities that you cannot bring an injury claim against a public service or agency. This is absolutely not true.

If you suffered injuries in an accident involving NJ Transit, you should seek fair compensation. If you are unsure of your comparative fault in the matter, consult with an attorney who understands the local and state legal systems and can help you understand the nuances of how the law may fight for you.

You deserve strong representation

While many attorneys understand the law and can represent you in a personal injury case, not all firms are large enough and boast enough experience to truly take on substantial legal opponents like NJ Transit or some other public agency.

The reality of fighting a legal battle with a large bureaucratic organization is much different than one injured civilian suing another civilian. In cases like these, the size and experience of the firm matters immensely.

At the same time, it important to choose an attorney or firm who understands the value of personal attention and makes individuals and their needs a priority. You deserve professional guidance from an empathetic, experienced attorney who knows how to defend your rights as you seek justice.