The owners and operators of commercial passenger vehicles must comply with strict state laws. Drivers must be properly trained and licensed and the commercial vehicle's maintenance and servicing must be up-to-date. Violations, especially involving car accidents, can result in citations, criminal charges and liability lawsuits. A commuter van lost control on a New Jersey highway on Thanksgiving night. A dozen people were in the commercial vehicle when it abruptly swerved off Route 80 eastbound. Three of the occupants were thrown from the van as it overturned and hit a guardrail. A 22-year-old woman died from her injuries. One of two others ejected in the auto accident was listed in critical condition; a second man suffered injuries to his neck and head. Eight of 12 remaining van occupants were hospitalized for treatment. State troopers believe the ejected passengers were not wearing seat belts. Police have not speculated on the cause of the single-vehicle crash. The out-of-state driver told investigators "a U-Haul-style" vehicle cut in front of the van, before the passenger vehicle veered off the road and flipped near Mount Olive. The van had been passing through New Jersey on the way to New York when the accident occurred. Accident investigations involving commercial vehicles are extensive, sometimes involving multiple government agencies. Personal injury lawsuits generated by commercial vehicle crashes often have more than one defendant. A driver's mistake may be traced to a trucking company, servicer or manufacturer. Victims have a right to file claims for damages against any negligent party. An attorney can assist with dealing with investigators, including police and insurers who could face you in court. People who have been injured in accidents want to focus their efforts on feeling better. The physical and emotional drain of an accident injury doesn't leave much energy to deal with insurance or law enforcers. An effective attorney can assist with that and help you recover losses.   Source:, "Three ejected, one dead, another critical, after Route 80 commuter van crash" Seth Augenstein, Nov. 29, 2013