A New Jersey superintendent for a school district currently faces two employee harassment claims. Employee harassment and discrimination can take many forms, such as sexual harassment and verbal abuse. Employees subjected to harassing conditions while at the workplace may have a cause of action against his or her employer. The first employee discrimination claim against the superintendent is from a woman who worked as his secretary. The woman's discrimination claim states she was subjected to verbal abuse by the superintendent while at her workplace. The verbal abuse consisted of derogatory and demeaning remarks towards her by the superintendent. The woman claims the harassment lasted the entire time she was employed with the employer. The woman's lawsuit was filed in mid-November in a New Jersey state court. The second employee harassment lawsuit filed against the superintendent was filed by a male employee, who was openly gay at his workplace. The male employee claims the superintendent made routine actions towards the male employee that were intended to pressure the male employee into sexual acts. The routine actions of alleged sexual harassment forced the employee to retire early. The male employee's lawsuit was also filed in a New Jersey state court in August 2012. Both of the lawsuits are currently pending and have requested an unspecified amount of damages. Employee harassment and discrimination at the workplace is illegal. Employees who feel they have been subjected to unwarranted behavior while at their place of work may be entitled to restitution for the actions of their employer. Source: Nj.com, "Lawsuit accuses Belleville schools superintendent of discrimination," Alexi Friedman, Nov. 30, 2012