A 17-year-old New Jersey teen pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree death and fourth-degree assault with a vehicle on Sept. 17. The teen was reportedly involved in a car accident that left two teenage boys dead and a third injured. The fatal incident occurred around 1:35 PM on July 26. The teen in question reportedly lost control of his vehicle and was unable to make a turn. The car subsequently went off the right side of the road, according to one of the victim's mothers. Since the incident, the teen is allowed to attend high school but has been ordered by a Superior Court judge not to drive. She reportedly insisted that he complete a substance evaluation and therapy. His attorney stated that the teen is not being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol but would not comment about the possibility of drugs being involved. She did say that a substance evaluation would be standard in any similar situation. The teen has also been given six tickets including one for careless driving and for speeding. The prosecutor did not comment on the case. Another court date is scheduled for Oct. 6. The condition of the third individual was not given. People who have been injured in auto accidents and family members who have lost loved ones might be able to receive compensation. An attorney could assist victims and their families get the recompense they need by helping to determine what happened in the accident and employing customized legal strategies to build a case for negotiations or litigation. Source: NJ.com, "Teen pleads not guilty in Randolph crash that killed two friends", Ben Horowitz, September 17, 2014