Even police officers can be involved in accidents that caused injuries and require investigation. A three-vehicle accident recently occurred involving a New Jersey State Trooper. The state trooper in question was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Since the crash involved serious injuries and concerned a state trooper, the state police "fatal accident" team joined in the investigation of the accident - though no fatalities were actually reported. For some readers, the presumption will be that the state trooper involved in the accident could not have been at fault. However, even if we accept this presumption, this should not imply that the other drivers involved in the accident should be held responsible for what happened. In the course of a state trooper's day to day routine, that trooper may be involved in a high speed pursuit of a suspect, be forced to run red lights on their way to the scene of an emergency or disregard other traffic safely laws in order to make an arrest. Troopers may even accidentally crash into vehicles that have pulled over to the side of the road. In the above situation, any of the drivers involved in the accident could have been at fault and held responsible for the injury to others. Any of the drivers may have been careless and caused a number of unintended consequences. Those involved in accidents may accumulate large medical bills, experience wage loss because injuries are preventing them from working, and may be out a motor vehicle because of the accident. Even minor car accidents can be extremely expensive. Sometimes an attorney experienced in the litigation of motor vehicle accidents is needed to figure out what occurred. These same attorneys can also provide a number of options to ease concerns. Source: The Republic, "Officials probe cause of 3-vehicle crash involving NJ state trooper," Nov. 18, 2011