United States Senators Frank R. Lautenberg and Robert Menendez both hope that a new set of federal grants will help improve safety for the residents that voted in New Jersey -- whether it was for them or the other guy. The federal grants will be handled and distributed by the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety and add up to a total of $5 million. While the details have yet to be worked out, the money has already been designated to be directed towards four different areas of concern. Those include approximately $2.9 million that will go towards enforcing drunk driving, $1.2 million for general highway safety programs to reduce accidents, almost $500,000 to make traffic flow monitoring systems run more efficiently and another $266,000 to help enforce laws that apply to child seatbelt use. Senator Menendez told media sources on Tuesday, Oct. 2 that "This critical funding will help prevent tragedies on our roads." He also said that keeping children and teens safer is a high priority for him, and he believes that this money will go a long ways in that effort. While this is a lot of money that could help reduce accidents and injuries in New Jersey, it still does not help those who have been injured or killed at the hands of a negligent driver. For victims and their families, they are often left wondering how they will pay for the costs associated with the injury. It seems simple to say that they deserve compensation, but where does this money come from? Will insurance help cover costs and how much? Can multiple parties face liability in a lawsuit? What kind of damages will a personal injury claim cover? These are all questions that an attentive and experienced attorney will help answer. Source: North Jersey, "N.J. will receive $5M in grants to combat drunk driving, improve safety," Karen Rouse, Oct. 2, 2012 If you or a loved one has questions after a car accident, understanding attorneys at our New Jersey law firm have a detailed understanding of the issues and the laws related tocar wreck cases in the state.