We can expect the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety to step up enforcement of the Ice and Snow Removal Law that was enacted just last year. What the law requires is that all motorists remove accumulated snow and ice from their cars to be sure that dislodged ice does not injure other bystanders. There have been 3200 citations handed out since the law was enacted in October of 2010. Fines for a violation of this Ice and Snow Removal Law can range from $25 to $75, but such fines will dramatically increase if failure to remove the snow or ice also results in an injury. This law, along with other tips and instructions for winter driving, are being heavily promoted now that December has arrived. Other tips include instructions on driving at the proper speed under winter conditions, the use of headlights while snow is falling, steps to take if the car begins to skid, and safety materials to have available in your car during the winter season. Because individual drivers don't always abide by the law or by safety instructions, an increase in car accidents can be anticipated during the winter months. However, such information does put drivers on notice that they will be held responsible for unsafe driving. This also means that such drivers that do not abide by the law or common sense when driving in adverse weather conditions should be held liable for the injuries that they cause to others. Removal of ice and snow does not just apply to sidewalks or staircases. It also applies to vehicles that are driven upon the road. Source: NJTODAY.NET, "December Brings Renewed Focus On Ice and Snow Removal Law," Dec. 1, 2011