A refusal to stop at a checkpoint has resulted in property damage and injury to one New Jersey police officer. The incident began around 7 p.m. on Oct. 7 when a man driving a minivan failed to stop at a police checkpoint set up at Route 46 and Grand Avenue. The minivan crashed into an occupied police cruiser sitting at the checkpoint. An officer was injured in the accident, but the driver of the vehicle left the scene. A police pursuit followed the initial collision. Citizens who witnessed the pursuit said that the chase continued until the vehicles were only a short distance from Palisades Park. There was also an SUV accident caused by the pursuit. A mother and her child were inside the SUV at the time of the accident, and even though the vehicle ended up crashed into a nearby building, the mother said that she and her child were okay. Though the officer involved in the first accident was injured, reports say that the injuries were not serious. The first accident scene, where the police checkpoint had been, was cleared by 11 p.m. Police continued their investigation of the incident into the night. Although no serious injuries were sustained at the police checkpoint or during the pursuit, things could have gone much worse for the other drivers who were on the road that night. Any type of reckless driving, regardless of whether it is intentional, can leave innocent individuals with serious injuries that result in hospital bills. Fortunately, with legal assistance, a person may be able to recover compensation to help with the impending difficulties caused by the accident. Source: CBS New York, "Police: N.J. Driver Refused To Stop At Checkpoint, Caused 2 Crashes", October 07, 2014