The upcoming week is one of the most dangerous for pedestrian accidents. According to statistics regarding fatal New Jersey pedestrian accidents, last year during the holiday season, there were five pedestrian fatalities. Already there have been seven fatal pedestrian accidents during this year's Thanksgiving holiday. New Jersey police officers are hoping to prevent further fatal pedestrian accidents this holiday season by warning motorists to drive safely and be aware of pedestrians. There are many reasons that the holidays are particularly dangerous for pedestrians, but chief among them is that drivers are often distracted by the hustle and bustle of this time of year. Another reason may be the increase in holiday parties creating the potential for more drunken drivers on New Jersey roadways. Police have the following suggestions to try to help pedestrians avoid a pedestrian accident:
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Be alert to vehicles and do not assume that they see you.
  • Use crosswalks and never walk on roadways prohibited to pedestrians.
  • Avoid using headphones which can detract from your ability to hear.
  • Do not cross a roadway until you are positive that the cars see you.
  • Be especially careful walking if you have been drinking.
  • If your car is having difficulty, either mechanical or as a result of an accident, do not exit the vehicle unless you are completely sure that it is safe to do so, and only if there is a safe place to go.
New Jersey pedestrians can certainly do their best to try and stay out of harm's way. However, when a driver is negligent, sometimes there is very little that a pedestrian can do to prevent a serious accident. Hopefully drivers will be cautious this holiday season so that pedestrians can stay safe and get where they need to go. Source: Asbury Park Press, "Statistics show pedestrians at risk during holiday season," Stephanie Loder, Dec. 21, 2011